About Us

Comprendo.org is a free online education service that tries to offer a different exposure to learning content in the form of quizzes, brief exams and tutorials that are both challenging and fun.

Comprendo.org is learning the fun way! First test your knowdlege by taking small quizzes and exams to find out your deficits. Then study only what you don’t know yet.

This way you don’t get bored with stuff you already know and you keep your brain motivated to absorb more. That’s efficient learnig!

The site is optimized for mobile devices to offer you an intellectual alternative to game and chat apps while being in the waiting room, during lunch breaks or commuting in the bus, subway, etc. However, the service can equally be used on a desktop PC or tablet device as well.

Comprendo.org is not only for students to review content and prepare for exams while on the go, but also for everybody else who wants to obtain a better general understanding of how things work.

As a new Comprendo.org user there is no need to register. You can directly move on to the quizzes and get startedd.

Have fun!

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